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A Jot of Blood


Even at Coventry Academy, one of the best schools in the world for the magically inclined, some talents are nothing but trouble. What do you do when anything—your clothes, your food, the accidental brush of a fingertip—can instantly reveal the darkest secrets of your closest friend … or, worse, a mortal enemy?

Coventry has been Lire Devon’s haven since her magic innocently outed her mother’s infidelity at the age of three but, even here, her rare clairvoyant power is despised and feared. Now, after years of simmering resentment, Lire’s nemesis, a sorceress with beauty, status, and dangerous connections, has thrown down the gauntlet. The challenge will push Lire’s resourcefulness to its limits and beyond—to a place where arcane dangers lurk and the price of power is knowledge too excruciating to bear.

Warning: The contents of this book include one surly werewolf, a snarky invisible prankster, and enough indelicate language to make a succubus blush.


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