Deadly Remains by Katherine Bayless

Deadly Remains

Now a Dark Fantasy Top 10 Bestseller on Amazon!

There are days when Lire Devon would kill to be conventional… 

Espresso at Peabody’s. Lunch with friends. Quiet evenings at home with someone special… Sometimes she’d give anything to be that girl. But nothing is ever that simple when you’re the most talented clairvoyant in Seattle. 

Now there’s a murder, as baffling as it is horrifying, and the police want Lire to help them flush out the killer. Well at least some of them do. Detective Sgt. Vanelli seems a lot more interested in picking a fight than enlisting her aid. 

This first book in a delicious new contemporary fantasy series from Katherine Bayless is a fresh mix of mystery and romance with a heady dash of the supernatural.


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Deceiver's Bond by Katherine Bayless

Deceiver’s Bond

The reviews are in and fans love it!

Excellent action packed continuation of the first book…

Wow this book and the first one were roller coaster rides. Not what I expected when I downloaded the books. Highly recommend.

4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon!

Lire Devon, famed Seattle clairvoyant and heroine of the Circle Murders, just wants her life back. After the killer’s violent death and a desperate battle with the demon-lord, Paimon, she’s like a soldier returning from war. More than anything, she craves the mundane—a simple existence free of the horror she faced. But for Lire, simple never quite seems to be an option.

Paimon is contained, but it’s far from gone. Before she banished it, the demon tasted her blood. Now it invades her dreams, assaulting and enticing in equal measure with its cruel beauty and a predatory lust. But Paimon isn’t seeking torment. While it speaks with the voice of subterfuge and innuendo, its message is one of urgent warning, 

“Your life and the lives of countless humans may depend upon what I have sought to give you. I will not have you defenseless.” 

Something vast and terrible approaches… 

…with only a reluctant adept and an unpredictable demon standing in the way.


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Enemy Among Us




In the summer Chloe Moore turned fourteen she was, for once, actually happy. She’d finally outgrown her training bras. She was in love. And, for the first time in her life, she was surrounded by true and honest friends.

Back then, they were The Seven, so close they wore their affection like an old pair of jeans.

Back then, they were just kids who couldn’t begin to grasp the consequences of the thing they unleashed.

Back then, innocence was their salvation.

Even so, the horror of what they had done nearly broke them. They fled from it. From each other. For a dozen years they’ve looked away, hoping it wasn’t real. Chloe’s fierce independence has been her shield against it. In her personal fortress of solitude she’s stayed safe. And alone.

But fortresses can be breached. The terror is back and one of them is dead. It’s up to Chloe to gather The Seven again, to save them all from a corruption so deep it could only have emerged from love.

In her debut novel, Natalie K. French brings us a tale of terror and the price we pay to grow up. A poignant mix of nostalgia and horror, romance and fear, Enemy Among Us will touch your heart while it pierces your soul.

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The 7th Tear by Katherine Bayless

The 7th Tear

Fairytales suck…

… and Samantha Jennings is living proof. Raised by a mother as wary and bitter as she is beautiful, Samantha has longed for most of her twenty-nine years to know more about her past – who her real father is, who she is. She never imagined her grand revelation would come in the form of a smug tabloid stringer on her doorstep.

In an instant, Samantha is transformed from anonymous veterinarian with a passion for whales to bastard American royalty under relentless scrutiny from every conceivable direction. Desperate for escape, she takes a job nursing rescued sea mammals on a private Caribbean island, a place so remote even maritime navigators barely know it exists. Her new employer is wealthy, charming, fiercely handsome, and his interest in Sam is clearly more than just professional. Happy endings may be in short supply, but she dares to hope that hers could be in the making.

And then Sam overhears a conversation, one not meant for human ears, so unnerving it threatens to undo both her heart and her mind. Her fairytale has only just begun and it’s far from the simple fable she thought it was.


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